Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Weekend

Working in a salon makes my schedule different than the typical Monday-Friday 9-5, so my weekend doesn't line up with the weekends of a lot of other people.  This may seem like a strange time for a weekend roundup post but just roll with it!

On Sunday I went to the bridal shower for one of my best besties, Katie.  It was great and very much "her", which was awesome!  She's not the type for lots of games or that bonnet made out of wrapping paper so it was nice and simple- beautiful restaurant, great wine and food, and awesome decorations.  Katie works part-time at a restaurant so for the last few months she'd been collecting empty bottles from the bar to use as these centerpieces and it totally paid off.  I got to bring home a root beer bottle with little papery purple flowers in it- me gusta!  I'm actually going to be performing her marriage ceremony (online ordination, it's very real) in October and I got a little teary just looking their names on the menu, so I might be one blubbery Reverend of the Universal Ministries on the big day. 

Later that night Ryan and I went with our friends Meg and Joe to get drinks and snacks at Due Mari, a restaurant nearby.  We're super lucky to live within walking distance of a lot of good restaurants and bars, so that's what we did- walk over even though it was sweaty-hot, and then watch through the window as it rained cats and dogs!  Luckily the rain let up long enough for us to walk to a bar with cable that we could mooch off of to watch Breaking Bad- it's a little loud there but the show is so good that I'm content to just get the gist in exchange for seeing it in real time.

On Monday I wanted to hit a few thrift stores and Ryan had seen some on his way to work that I didn't know about, so we decided to get some lunch and then go together.  The one above was crammed full and had a weird employee who just kept standing in one spot and staring at us, or peeking his head around the furniture-created aisles at us if we were out of view.  Ryan was engulfed enough in a crate of VHS tapes of Demolition Man or whatever to ignore it, but I was totally weirded out and wanted to split tout sweet!  I think I kind of let myself get overcharged out of the primal urge of flight but oh well.

I looked to my left, saw this and died.  Dead now.

At night my brother and I went over to my parents to continue the movie night series we're deeply invested in at the moment.  We watched the first Lethal Weapon one week, then the first Die Hard the following week to compare/contrast, and this will continue throughout the sequels to both.  I'm going to go ahead and call this The Die Hard/Lethal Weapon Face Off, which I understand is confusing because of the movie Face Off.  Nevertheless, it is a completely badass thing to do with your parents.  Could have lived without that chick's nipples in Lethal Weapon 2 while sitting next to my parents last night though, if we're nitpicking.

And that brings us to today!  Since I'm not really going out for public consumption I'm wearing my gym clothes as an optimistic gesture.  This is the kind of outfit shot people get inspiration from, right?  Just keeping it real.  

What are you up to?  Did you enjoy your weekend, which in all likelihood was days ago?

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