Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Free Drinks from Temporary Friends, Tacos and a Doggie

On Sunday Sarah, Katie and I headed to the Asbury Park beach nice and early...we left around 9, which for me as a very passionate sleeper is a near miracle, but if the motivation is there I can pull it off.  The motivation was that peaceful scene up there and it totally delivered.  Not for too long though!  The beach got steadily more and more crowded, and fate brought us some new friends- at least for the day.  A group of guys parked it in front of us and we basically laughed at things that we couldn't help overhear from each other until we were talking and introducing ourselves and they were giving us the recipe for the margaritas that they had brought in their cooler.  They were so fun and nice that by the time one of our new friends turned around in his beach chair and said "When are we going to go get mojitos?" we were totally ready to say "NOW" and head to the Beach Bar just a staircase away from our towels. I feel like it's worth mentioning that these were gay gentlemen so the creepy vibe you might get from a bunch of dudes offering you drinks was null and void.

Danny, he of the pink shorts on the right, bought us margaritas because they were out of limes for the mojitos and we talked about all kinds of things- our pets, random Grindr hookups, gay cruises...now that I think about it I think Katie, Sarah and I did most of the listening, but it was fine!  We also did a lot of the laughing and however that comes is a-okay with me.  Danny bought us a second round of drinks and we just kept talking to him and Will on the left there while their friend Vincent would come up from the beach occasionally with handfuls of the pretzels or Goldfish we had by our blankets asking if it was okay that he was eating them, while he was eating them.  It was hilarious and very okay.  Eventually it was getting late and we had to go so we hugged and said goodbyes, and not to sound cold but I thought it was kind of awesome that we didn't fake that we were all going to do this again sometime.  We had a really fun day together and we left it at that, and I thought it was pretty perfect.


The next day Ryan was off so we slept in for a while and made up for the time I had lost getting up early the day before.  Actually, I just slept in...Ryan woke up earlier than I did and tried to see if I wanted to wake up with him but it wasn't happening, so he sat in bed and read next to me for an hour or so until I roused myself.  Look, that's what he gets for having a down comforter.  We bopped around for most of the day doing whatever and then went to Costa Chica for an early dinner, which is a pretty legit Mexican spot in the town next to us.  When I saw legit, I mean both in the sense that it's awesome and that the menu is entirely in Spanish.  It's crazy good and very simple, I usually get chicken tacos which are just soft corn tortillas with chicken, raw onion and cilantro, and then I put some of the fresh salsa they put out with the chips when you sit down.  Aye caramba.

After that we went to my parents house for another round of the Lethal Weapon Die Hard Face Off.  This time Die Hard 3: Die Hard with a Vengeance was up, and it was totally sweet.  Did you know that Samuel L. Jackson was hot?  I didn't.  My brain has totally replaced any Samuel L. Jackson it used to know with the one wearing a fuzzy backwards Kangol hat and yelling about motherfuckin' snakes, which okay, is awesome.  We decided the next movie series we're going to do is alternating between Mel Brooks movies and Woody Allen movies and I'm way into it.  Mel Brooks is practically a member of my family as far as I'm concerned.  Woody Allen's got enough family stuff going on to need anything from me, I think he's good.

Today I got a lot of things listed for the Etsy store and it felt really good...man, is it a lot of work!  I love doing it but it's definitely time intensive.  I'm really glad that I decided to bring everything over to my parents house and work on it there, my brother Will was also over helping our dad with some stuff and our mom was fooling around with her new sewing machine so it felt nice to be all sitting around the dining room table, doing our own things but doing them together.  Of course when I took this the "own things" we were working on were ice cream sandwiches, but don't worry about it.

Also this happened: 

Happy Midweek, y'all!


  1. EEEEP! what a cute little pup, hahah i literally smiled so much when I saw the last picture! so adorable! :)

    1. You have no idea how happy that makes me! That's Harley, he's my little gentleman and he's just the best! :)