Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Corporate America Takes Facebook (and I Love It!)

Lately have you seen sly advertisements on Facebook in the form of "Your friend Joe Blablabla commented on a picture"?  Like me, have you ignored them?  You might wanna snap to because there is a whole lot of awesome going on right under our noses, if the Campbells Kitchen Facebook account is any indication.

I saw that my friend had commented on a picture of dip and clicked to find it.  I never did find his comment...maybe he got shy at the last minute and deleted it?  Maybe the attention heaped on him by Campbells Kitchen put him off?  These guys do play it personal.  Whatever the case, I'm grateful because it caused me to plunge into the depths of the comments (and the dip.)

My contribution is pictured above.  And look, yes I am hilarious and YES it's a big deal, but let's move on.  Above my comment, Campbell's refers to someone as being "chip-deep" in their dip.  Eyebrow raise.

I've noticed that depending on your perspective, Campbell's Kitchen could kind of be coming off flirty- "extra delicious with your special touch"? Come on- or like a desperate, clingy friend- "Of course, Julie! :)"

Things turned a little dark on the comment thread when friend of Campbell's Janice Hebert got excited about the dip, but moments later realized she would never be able to enjoy it herself...

Until the the clouds parted for Ms. Hebert and Campbell's Kitchen offered some alternative scrumptious dips!  A little more customer interaction and what looks like a King Charles Spaniel at the bottom there round us out.  I wonder if they ever did find out whether Tfaith will be testing the dip soon.

I'm so curious as to who's manning this account...maybe it's an intern writing goofy responses while a bunch of other interns look over her shoulder egging her on and laughing, or maybe it's a guy in a cubicle just trying to do a good job.  Maybe it's Campbell himself!  All I know is I'm hooked and I want more.  Do you know of any other corporate Facebook accounts really going the extra mile to stay connected?  It just occurred to me that Ben and Jerry's might warrant a look...


  1. I like your blog! I think I'm your first follower!

  2. Haha oh my goodness that is pretty darn hilarious! I would love to meet the person posting all the comments for Campbell's Kitchen!