Monday, February 4, 2013

Moving It

So like a lot of people, I have a hard time finding the motivation to work out consistently.  Whenever I start a new thing, I'm pumped about it- like, I'm a runner!  This is my life now!  I'm gonna be the kind of person who needs a good jog when they're stressed!- but it tends to peter out when laziness prevails. I've noticed that the "this is my new life" mentality when I try something different is something that's pervasive in almost all areas for me.  I tried smoking hookah for the first time the other night and I liked it, so automatically I was mentally like oh shit, I have to get a hookah now, I'm gonna smoke it while I watch tv at home and some of my friends are gonna think it's kind of weird but it's just my thing, whatever...but then like so much hookah smoke, the dream dissipated when we were done and I realized I wasn't all that interested.

I started working on running a couple of months ago with eventually doing a 5K in mind, so I've been using a Couch to 5K app on my phone (this one) to gradually work my way up.  It's taking waaay longer than the 8 weeks it suggests, because of my inconsistency as far as gym visits and general physical weakness.  I have a love-hate relationship with it- in the beginning it was muuuuurder, but somehow I got myself to keep working at it and feeling progress was encouraging and even a little addictive.  But now I've been unable to run for longer intervals of time without feeling like I'm legit dying, like going to throw up and die and then faint after I'm dead, so I'm frustrated and finding excuses not to try.  Plus I found out you can't wear headphones during a 5K- are you fucking kidding me?  No distraction from my heaving breath, no Beyonce and picturing myself dancing with my friends, just focusing on how apeshit my butt is bouncing right now?  I might be out of the 5K thing.  And without that to motivate me, I'm not sure I see myself keeping up running- trying not to mentally throw in the towel, but real talk.

So what do you guys do?  I'm not necessarily looking to lose weight but being active makes me feel good- at least afterward, and if I can find something that I don't hate while I'm doing it, mazel.  My brother and his girlfriend got me a Blu Ray player that's hooked up to Netflix, Amazon, Hulu Plus and YouTube so I'm especially curious about any videos that you work out along to online, yoga in particular.  But there is something about being at the gym that keeps me from stopping 5 minutes in because I'm bored or it's too hard so if you have any suggestions that are more oriented in that direction,  routines, classes you like, etc, I'd love to hear them too.  Help me balance out all the cheese I eat!

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  1. Do you have a friend that could exercise with you?