Saturday, October 6, 2012

Packed Sched. Roundup

Life has felt a little hectic lately!  I'm used to answering "nothing" more often than not when asked what I'm doing over the weekend and being beyond fine with it, so looking at my iPhone calendar and seeing little dots on the majority of my days off is crazy.  To be honest I'm looking forward to a free weekend to catch my breath, but I'm looking forward to the next activities even more- being in the weddings of 2 of my best friends next weekend, practically back to back!  While being a bridesmaid feels like child's play to me at this point (3 times in the last 3 years), I'm getting a little nervous about the one I'm officiating.  A friend of the groom and I are gonna tag-team it, but I seriously think I'm in danger of crying and flubbing lines.  I married friends of mine once before but it was small and sweet and in a living room, this is gonna be the real, crowd-present deal.  We'll see!  Because there's a dot on this day as well and I'm off to a wedding (AS A GUEST, how indulgent) in a couple hours, I want to just put up some pictures of what life's looked like lately with little descriptions.  By the way, have any of you ever had a flood of weddings all around the same time?  By the time it's all over it'll have been 4 for me in a month and a half's time!  I think maybe late 20s into 30s tis the season.  Maybe I'll go through withdrawal afterward and wear my bridesmaid dresses all stacked on top of each other and sit on the floor crying, eating wedding cake that I snuck out in my clutch with my hands and singing that song that goes "I'll be your crying shoulder..." through mouthfuls and tears.  That is probably what will happen.
The signs when you get off the elevator of the Chelsea Hotel, where we stayed in Atlantic City last weekend for Rosie's bachelorette party.  Sign 2 chilled a little bit too hard.
The decor style in the hotel was all over the place but I really liked it separately.  The first 2 pictures were from our room and the last was from the diner inside the hotel.  Surprisingly, the margherita pizza from the hotel diner sucked.  It was an outrage and I called the president.
The next day Ryan, Joe and I had a fun day in the cit-aaay.  We went to Murray's Cheese Bar, which is pretty much what it sounds like and it was amazing.  I wanted to ransack that cheese bar with my mouth, which I guess I basically did.
We also went to the bar at the Nomad Hotel for more drinks and snacks.  Check out that bathroom!  It was very fancy and delicious (the drinks and food, not the bathroom), and the day after we went it got a Michelin star.  I still only partially understand what that means, basically it's a big coup for high end restaurants and they're given out really selectively.  I guess it's like a Zagat's rating on crack.
This is from Thursday night, when part of my salon went to a kick-off party for New Jersey Fashion Week (I can't even re: this being a thing.)  Some of my coworkers did the hair and makeup for it last year and are doing it again this year.  I love having nights out with my coworkers but events like this, where there's only a short presentation and the rest is basically a schmooze fest, set my teeth on edge.  It's just not my wheelhouse, I feel self conscious and embarrassed by how seriously everyone's taking themselves.  Not my salon, which I'm so grateful for, but most everyone else...I mean, there was a mini red carpet with professional photographers.  As I said, I just can't.  But my friend Amanda and I got our jollies by photo-bombing (video-bombing?) on-camera interviews that were going on by walking by in the background and shoving a bite of cupcake in our mouth as soon as we were in frame.  We probably did it 4 times each.  Very cool. 

Well I'm going to start getting ready for today: I have a flats vs. heels war being waged in my head, I'll keep you guys posted on any developments.  I'm thinking flats because Mike and I are going to leave the reception a little early to race to Princeton because Sarah's family 80s cover band, The Emulators, is playing a show!  Since it's right by the salon some clients are coming in addition to coworkers, family and friends, and I feel like it's gonna be a big love fest of people having fun and supporting them- I don't know if I've mentioned it but Sarah's the receptionist at the salon, and when I told a lot of clients they seemed all about it, not just because it's a good time but because who doesn't love Sarah?  Warms my heart.  Ugh I need thicker skin, if I cry at an 80s cover band show because of a swell of emotion I dont know where to go from here.  

p.s. Sorry about the different photo sizes/text alignments, I really tried but I'm still not pro.


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    1. I KNOW, isn't it awesome? The whole hotel had such a weird mix of kitschy/classy/retro stuff, but I dug it :)